Kate Spade Handbags – What’s So Great About Them?

They are the RAVE! And maybe you have been wondering what all the excitement is about? Well, here’s the thing. Kate Spade had been around New York, one of the fashion capitals of the world for most of working life. She was frustrated by the lack of classic, durable bags that were not too expensive for the average woman to own. Like most geniuses, she decided to do something about it. She looked around for great materials that would last, got a production model that allowed her to produce a cheaper handbag, and then she started to design and produce. Her first bag hit the market in 1993, and that’s when the rave started.

If she’s able to be such a rave in New York, there must be something special about her, right? Well, let’s have a look:

1. Her bags are stylish – remember her original frustration: she couldn’t get a bag that was stylish enough without forking out thousands of dollars. When she sat to create her bag line, style was top on her mind. Each Kate Spade bag is made to stand out and hold its place in the seriously competitive world of designer handbags.

2. If you like clean cuts, this is the bag for you. Its cuts are simple, chic and elegant. At the same time, they are classy. They stand out without having to “shout”. In fact, it’s almost a signature style- any Kate Spade handbag will be simple and box shaped.

3. Her bags are made of the highest quality of materials. She looks for only the highest quality leather and fabric to put her handbags together. This makes them really long lasting – you can be sure that a Kate Spade will not fall apart on you after just 2 years.

4. They are designed to be practical. There are many handbags in the market today that look great but are really not practical – I mean, all they can take is your keys and your wallet. That’s not very good. She combines practicality into the chic and elegance of her bags. They can take all your stuff and if you buy something on your way home from work, it will probably be able to go in there too!

5. Kate Spades are versatile. They come in a great variety of designs and colors to suit many different tastes. Actually she started off tending towards darker shades, but now has daring splashes of color for trend.

6. She makes all types of bags too, from totes, to handbags and clutches.

7. And finally, here’s the best thing about a Kate Spade handbag: for a fraction of the cost of most designer handbags, you can get a Kate Spade of similar or even better quality. These bags are created for those who want to look good without necessarily paying thousands of dollars for it. For about $300, you’ll get yourself a great deal.

Remember though, that because of their simple, clean cuts, they are easy to counterfeit. In fact, there are numerous counterfeits that can fool you. You may not know how to tell a counterfeit for an original, so don’t take the risk. Make sure you are dealing with a legitimate supplier. Check out our site to get one now!