Renting Designer Handbags

Can’t make up your mind? Maybe you should Rent Designer Handbags!

Are you the Fashion Diva who needs a different handbag to match every pair of shoes, who can’t make up her mind….or who just can’t make a commitment? The solution?
Rent Designer Handbags! It could be just the perfect fit for you!

You not only have the freedom to choose a different bag every month, but it is really cost effective as well. You could carry 12 different bags during the year, all with 12 different looks and still spend less money than if you purchased just one!

Why Rent Designer Handbags Instead of Buy?
# Price-

Prices to rent designer handbags vary but are usually in the range of $35-$400 per month. The prices depend on the style. Coach, Kate Spade and Juicy are usually at the lower end and Burberry, Chanel and Chloe are a little higher priced. Designer handbag rental could help you save a bundle on your quest for fashion flare.

For example, if you wanted to only spend $35 per month on a fabulous Coach or Kate Spade bag, you could rent a new one every month and end up spending less than $500 for the whole year. On average, total spendings would probably be about $1000 for the year for most of us who would want a lower end bag sometimes, and a higher end bag for other occasions.
That’s less than just one authentic designer handbag would cost!
# Test Drive It!

# If you find a bag that you simply cannot part with, then you have the option to buy it! It’s like a little test drive to find your Perfect Designer Handbag!Sweet Freedom, Baby!

You can carry a new bag every month and experience what the Hollywood celebrities do! You are not stuck with one style or one fashion statement. Good news for all of us with ‘commitment-phobia’….The possibilities are endless!!

How does it work?
There are a few different companies on the internet who specialize in renting designer handbags and usually the steps are pretty simple and easy to follow.

1.If you want to rent designer handbags, simply browse through their selection and choose the perfect one for your needs.
2. They will ship it out to you in a timely fashion(usually between 2-4 days) and include a prepaid return carton with label for you to send back. Or they will send you a link to print out a label to paste onto your package when you are ready to return it. Some companies include free shipping but others do not.
3. When you are finished using it, simply send it back.

Insurance? Membership Fees? Shipping Costs?
Just how important are these factors when you rent designer handbags? Let’s look at each one a little closer.

Insurance Anyone?
Does the company you are renting from include insurance in the rental price?
If you are renting your bag for a month or longer, it may get stained or damaged through no fault of your own. Some companies include damage insurance coverage in the rental fee, but others do not and will only offer it as an additional option. Make sure you find this out before you rent. If something were to happen to your bag, you want to be covered and not held responsible for having to buy it.

Do They Offer Free Shipping?
Shipping fees can certainly add up, especially if you are planning to rent a new bag each month or week. Shipping fees can run about $10 per bag. If you calculate this into your overall price, it could tack on an additional $120 if you plan on renting one bag per month. Some companies offer free shipping which can really be a sweet deal… and save you money for those shoes you’ve been eyeing. Make sure you find this out before you rent.

Do They Charge Membership Fees?
Some companies include a membership fee based on a tiered structure which determines how many bags you can borrow at once or what price range of bags you are restricted to. This fee is in addition to the bag rental fee. Not all companies require a membership fee though, so make sure you calculate this additional cost when deciding which company to use.

All in all, Renting Designer Handbags is a really great deal if you’re on a budget but must have your designer handbag fix. There are some great companies out there who offer really great deals on renting designer handbags. Be sure to check them out and ask questions so you understand all the rules before you rent… and most of all – Have Fun being a Girl!